Make use of existing technology to communicate

Video enhances current Corporate communication.

Video enhances current Corporate communication.

Video enhances current Corporate communication.Video enhances current Corporate communication.Video enhances current Corporate communication.

"MeMail" when you have something important to say, there is no better way. In a very connected world, We are vey disconnected

Platform Summary

MeMail is a cloud-based software platform that enables video as an easy to use, practical and efficient tool for corporate, business to business, or business to clients communications. The platform leverages a combination of the ubiquitous nature of e-mail and the power of video as a communication tool. MeMail (or hereafter the  platform) consists in a set of technologies, web  applications, API's and frameworks that enables the use of email  communications, regardless of  the email  servers and clients that our customers use for their day to day communications.

Human-Eyes Your Job Application.

Our i-Apply Feature for HR and Careers.

Apply In person, attach your CV (Resume) and cover letter. Easy to embed in existing application process and website . Dramatically cut costs for evaluating applicants before interview selection.

Industries for Memail


Financial Services

Real Estate







Automotive Industry

Executive Recruitment/HR

Any business, large or small who uses email, can benefit from using MeMail and i-Apply

Private Cloud Security

The best cloud service provider and partner in the world. We will be happy to provide you with their security specifications upon request. Amazon (AWS) recognizes that cloud services are raising unique privacy challenges for organizations. To enable organizations to realize the benefits of the cloud, AWS implements strong privacy protections in their cloud structure..

Ease of Use. No Software to Install

MeMail works across all devices, Windows IOS and Android as well.  Non registered users can respond to MeMail's easily, and  no software  to install and goes directly back to sender .  Once viewed ,the MeMail  can be deleted so it cannot be shared , only if sender allows . Full content control .

A Toyota Lexus President

Why MeMail for Business

Advantages of Visual Communication in Business 1. Emphasizes oral communication. There are several benefits of video. Technology has allowed us to use visual aids in delivering important messages for business enterprises. Visual communication helps in emphasizing oral communication. When an individual is explaining something that the business offers, it is always vital to use demonstrations for better understanding. Visual aids come in handy for such situations. When an individual is reading about the portfolio of an organization, visual aids can help in explaining key features of the organization. Moreover, visual communication is more appealing as compared to oral communication

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